Prayer – two way communication

Been thinking some more about prayer and you know I think I’ve had it wrong for a while, I just wasn’t listening.  Talking yes, listening no!  it’s incredible when you start to realise that this is a two way process.


Praying, it’s only saying things to God, like you would to a friend, it’s like, well it’s like a chance to talk, to offload, to explore the road you’re travelling, unravelling your thoughts and questions for God, he knows what you’re thinking before you think it, knows what you’re gonna say, so hey, just get it off your chest anyway, upload it to God he’ll never betray your innermost thoughts, his perfect reward waits for us who gave our lives up for him, so delight in talking to this our special friend, working it out with him is what I recommend.

Praying, it’s a chance to ask God for his help, whether for ourselves or those we love, or people you may have never met whose story touched you, maybe caused you upset and knowing there’s nothing you can do you lift them up to him who can take all the pain and fear and suffering, buffering those in greatest need, he has guaranteed to listen when we speak, just have a chat wherever you are, in the house, at work, in the car and sometimes make a special time that you and God can find for perfect peace, dedicate some time and space, and you can meet him face to face.

Praying, it’s not just you talking, or stalking God for what you want or need, it’s not just about your chatter, like with your friends you want some banter so that means coming up for breath, and listening to what God says, stop, pause, listen and download, this the only way to grow, God has many words for you, this is two way communication, prayer the foundation of your faith, don’t let it scare you, don’t feel it’s pious or too holy, don’t wholly talk or wholly listen, mix it up to gain his vision, a vision for you and your way of living, a time of uplifting chat with him who died for you, who loves to meet you in this way to speak and let you have your say, he listens and speaks when you come to pray.


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