An incredible love, have you been listening?

Having spent another few difficult days trying to fight my own battles and forgetting that I have this awesome God who will take all that off me I was offered some advice.  Sit still and listen to God. Just stop and listen.

OK so not rocket science but yes it was so healing to sit quietly and reflect.  The first thing I got from God was John 3 v 16. I dismissed this at first because I thought, OK that’s the one scripture I remember from being a kid and probably the only scripture I know by heart.  But when I sat down tonight to write I found this scripture was my inspiration.

I also got a scripture from Ephesians but am reflecting on that. It was certainly not a passage I had read before and I find it incredible that God can just put scriptures into your mind, I am certainly going to practice this being quiet and listening more, I really need to know what God is telling me but often do not wait to hear.


For God so loved the world, He gave his only son, that whoever believes in him, Shall not die, but have eternal life John 3:16

He loved us so, he gave his son, so believe me when I say you must believe in him, avoid sin so death dies too and eternal life is promised to you.

Love, the most spectacular, indescribable, deep, euphoric feeling, given with regard and affection, an exaggerated perfected connection with the one who made you, he loves us more than you can fathom, a love that truly defines passion.

Gave, he sacrificed, surrendered, forfeited his child, smiled as he gave him up for us, illustrating the true power of love, greater love has no man than that of God for us, he was fully aware of the pain his son would bear in order that we would be spared.

Believe, accept as true, have faith in our Saviour, possess veracity, exhibit tenacity in your belief, display allegiance to your God, believe, we hold his word as true and to see his face we will pursue

Die, suffer and face the pain of death, henceforth damned to an underworld existence, end of comfort, distanced from God’s love, end of living, end of loving, start of an unforgiving eternity in Hell’s inferno, start of a timeless existence of turmoil, but we shall not endure that journey for we are promised his great mercy.

Eternal life, never ending love and laughter, everlasting life in heaven’s green pastures, enjoy the rapture of the heavenly host, meet with Father, Son and Holy Ghost, spend time immortal praising God, uninterrupted worship and adoration, imagine the feeling of elation, one heavenly nation united in an intense desire to praise their God and of that we will never tire.


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