How I long to run and not grow weary

Last night I was studying another scripture given to me Isaiah 40:28-31 but didn’t get round to posting my thoughts.  Then this morning was under attack, really questioning my relationship, is God happy with me to stay with my partner, am I drifting apart from her, have we enough common ground now and how can I make this work in light of my decision?

I have strong support around me who are praying for me to gain an understanding of what God wants me to do, however interesting that when I revisited what I wrote last night I do get some reassurance that God is strong enough for me, and although I am weary and struggling with this, he will give me strength and will give me the answers I need and then I really willl be able to start living as he wants me to.


What? You really don’t know, you’re sure you’ve not heard about this great God, who created the earth, then came to earth, the virgin birth you must have heard? But if by any chance you missed the word of God on this matter, then here’s the chatter, God sent his only son to us, to make the ultimate sacrifice and that meant dying on a cross, giving up his life for us, dying and lying in a grave but three days later he was raised up from the dead, don’t be misled, this wasn’t just a miracle of conquering death, this was the only way that he could save us from ourselves, our sinful ways, so all our debts have now been paid.

And so you see the creator of our world, is our everlasting God and he has strength enough for all, he assures us of his power, he will never tire, not grow weary as we do, his understanding is beyond our understanding, he grants us strength, goes to great lengths to build our endurance, where we are weak, he is strong,  his strength he gives to us, when we tire he is awake, he makes us alert, transports us to a place of renewal, just put your hope in the Lord and he promises in his word, to renew us, we will soar on wings like eagles, run without effort, no longer weaken, with God on our side we will never be beaten, God gives you freedom, for this has been written, turn to him now, don’t feel so stricken, if you turn to my God your sins are forgiven and you can start living.


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