God the gardener, allow him to nuture you

I just love it when someone gives you a verse or chapter from the Bible. I find it really helps me, probably because the reason they gave it to me was that God actually wants me to have it and also for me, because the Bible is so full of relevance but sometimes I just need help to find the right part for me right here, right now.

Yesterday a friend shared some scripture with me and I was so blessed through it, John 15: 1-12.

So this explains to me the need to be with God, to share time with him both on my own and with other Christians and to allow him to “prune” me, make necessary changes and adjustments, take away the dead wood and allow me to become more fruitful and grow in strength in him. It explains how I was before I came to faith, without God in my life I was withering and dying.

But now with Jesus in my heart it’s a win, win!  I am more productive for God, and I have a more fulfilling and joyful life….I am alive!!


Imagine yourself as a plant, your purpose to bear fruit or produce beautiful flowers.  Should a branch be barren of fruit or bear no seed it loses all power to wow with beauty or provide a bounty of fruit for the harvest.  No product, then it should be cast off, of no use to God, he can do nothing with it or through it, the plant not fit for purpose, not ready for service.

However all branches that do bear fruit should be nurtured and loved to make them more fruitful, crucial that the branch remains connected to the vine, his love divine feeding and watering, offering glory to God through the harvest, the fruit of love for God and each other.

We cannot bear produce all on our own, cut off from the vine we will wither and die, apart from God we have no life, apart from God our lives are a lie.

A fruitful life, a fulfilling life, a joyful life, remain in God and he will provide all this and more, he desires your life to bear much fruit. of that there is no dispute, keep his commands, this he demands, and receive the love of a friend, he extends the hand of friendship to you, he shares his father’s teaching too, no longer servants of a God, but a friend of Jesus, how amazing how divine, Jesus is a friend of mine.


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