Jesus with me through every storm

Does anyone else feel that every time they go to Church the sermon has been written solely for them?!  God is definitely talking to me loud and clear right now, and that’s great, it feels good to know that he is providing so much support through his word and the love of other Christians within the church.  Today we were looking at Mark 4: 35 -41 and 2 Corinthians 6: 1-13


Storms, part of nature, part of our weather system, resistance is futile, results can be brutal.

Waves crashing, lightning flashing, thunder roaring, rain pouring, boat rocking, branches dropping, forceful gusts crush all in their path, leaving an aftermath of devastation, rocking our foundations.

Disciples in the Boat with Jesus, witnessed his previous miracles and wonders, yet still they feared the thunder, dreaded the power of the wind which pinned them to the deck, and fearing a boat wreck, they cried out in anxious tones, “God don’t leave us all alone, wake up and save us all from drowning, because now we are all doubting whether we will survive, make it out of here alive”.

Why so afraid, where was their trust?  Jesus also asks this of us.  The storms of life will come and go, but he wants us to know, that he is there through every storm, we will never be alone, he carries us, shields us from the rains of doubt, defends us when lightning strikes, protects us from the roaring noise that distract us from his voice, and when the storm abates is there to rejoice at our deliverance, provides us with extra resilience.

Storms, part of our journey, part of God’s plan for us, submission is vital, results in survival.


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