An extreme way to live, but you can receive forgiveness

Thoughts turn to the terrible tragedy in Charleston where nine church members lost their lives to the act of a young extremist.


Outermost, farthest, excessive, extreme, why must you follow such fanatical dreams?  This world is too small to argue with all, we need love to fill the incredible hole, the whole world teeters on the brink, and in the blink of an eye, you turn from your family and friends and defy all teaching and sensible thinking

Question your motives, query your fellow warriors, is this just a knee jerk reaction to make you feel bolder, to give you a sense of actual belonging or excitement you lack in your everyday living?

Whatever the reason, resist the urge to commit treason, believe in more, believe in the higher power who offers you a new season, a season of hope and salvation, a way to promote peace amongst all the nations.

He is the answer to your craving for action, a way to gain traction, and a positive reaction to gain satisfaction in your life, so follow my God who is all forgiving and then you can truly start living without hatred and misgivings, you are forgiven if you seek his loving.


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