Rainbows never fail to make me smile..

Talking to a friend in church yesterday, and after the heavy rain of the last few days we spoke about rainbows and God’s promise, which is one promise I always thought about when I saw a rainbow even when I was so far from God in my life.

I had written this poem a few weeks before that conversation…


Have you ever seen a rainbow and failed to smile?  When God made rainbows he sure did it in style! The multi-coloured arc of pure brilliance reflecting the magnificence of his promise, never again to wipe out all human existence, despite our resistance to his teachings, his love is over reaching.

When you see a rainbow, does your heart soar, your voice roar approval at this spectacle? Our God is dependable, indispensable, incredible, bringing colour to our world.  Colours hurled into the heavens creating a perfect, graphic illustration of his eternal love for us his children.

Next time you see a rainbow, reflect on its purpose, then ponder a world without colour, a duller, drab place where we would never see his face.  Praise God for the colour he’s put into your life, praise him the light of the world for turning your grey to vivid day and your night to vibrant light.


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