Just Wow, how God just spoke directly to me..

I am so blessed right now!  I have just come back from the most amazing meeting, but more than that, God has just slapped me round the face in the most awesome way and all I can say  right now is WOW, but I can’t possibly go to bed without processing what happened.


What more can I say, WOW, how did that happen?  So like just when I’m feeling at my lowest, you focused her directly on me and told her exactly what you see, you spoke to my heart and to my soul, you see the toll this pain has been causing, you feel the anger coursing through my veins, you heard my words, “is God listening?” and then with one almighty act, a proverbial slap around the face, you let your grace loose on me and protectively said you are my shield, you revealed to me that you do care, and yes you are always there, watching, listening, protecting and fighting battles on my behalf. I am bound tightly by your love, a love I could not have conceived of, a love I should never have run from, praise you God for all you’ve done, thank you God for tonight’s lesson in just how great a God I serve, may I never again feel I don’t deserve your forgiveness, you set me free,  please God continue your great works in me.


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