I am a work in progress

Reflecting on the Christian life I realised today that we are a work in progress and will never be perfect, although we can aspire to become more like Jesus every day.

I was thinking along the lines of my Christian life being a bit like a building site, you know these can be busy places, noisy, messy at times, sometimes dangerous, sometimes not a lot happening, but ultimately controlled with a plan and a purpose, the architect overseeing the building to perfection.

That is how I see my life, God is overseeing it, sometimes I make a mistake and it has to be rectified, sometimes nothing seems to be happening and then a flurry of activity sees great progress, but ultimately God is working in me to help me overcome my human immaturity and reach a higher level of maturity in my walk with him.


I am a work in progress, started but as yet not completed.

Under construction, need to be built up, rewired, plaster applied over the cracks, a lifetime of work to get me on track, I am a work in progress, a building site, it’s messy, noisy, but controlled, a place where God can fill the mould.

So God has taken up residence in my life, what a privilege and responsibility, he now can build in me a level of maturity, prepare me for my destiny that I respond to positively, life with God eternally.



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