Just read my last blog entry and can see what a mire of despair I seemed to be in, but God has been good, surrounded me with love and support and today is a new day to worship God and thank him for his grace and mercy.

Whilst I was in my dark place I threw out questions to God in anger and in pain.  I believe that God is happy to receive our questions if heartfelt and does not rebuke us for them, indeed I think asking him questions helps him to show us the bigger picture.  One reflection, Jesus came to disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed, so I truly believe in our disturbed state he is happy to answer us and comfort us and provide us with answers.


Questions abound, but God never frowns upon our heartfelt questions and obsessions with the truth, he gave us scripture to reveal the big picture, he gave us Christian brothers and sisters to be good listeners, supporting us in answering our questions, giving us his direction, aiding our progression, providing inspiration for a life lived without tension, a life of salvation.


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