When the lyrics of a song were written just for you

In church this morning we sang “I will offer up my life” which includes the following lines:

“my words could not even tell, not even in part of the debt of love that is owed by this thankful heart”

I still have to pinch myself sometimes to realise how blessed I am to know God for myself. I pray I never lose that feeling of great awe and excitement to think that God loves me, yes me, despite everything I have done, even though I still get things wrong, I still have my flaws, and you know what, he still loves me –  EPIC.

I just love it when a songwriter hits the nail on the head so precisely and you feel like the song was written for you and you alone.  Here is my prayer of thanks to God…


There are no words that adequately express my thanks to you Lord, no words that can satisfactorily convey my gratitude for your forgiveness, for the years you stuck by me regardless, for never leaving my side, for not brushing me aside when I finally saw the light, for watching over me day and night, for your constant support, your unending love, though I am unworthy of your pardon, you went ahead and paid my ransom, cancelled my debt, offset my sins and hence my new life begins, thank you Jesus, thank you.


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