Faith and sharing, God is the best thing that ever happened to me

Been thinking about faith and sharing, why would we keep this amazing love to ourselves??


God is like, well putting it plainly he is like the greatest thing that ever happened to me, he gave his life for me and you know what, if I had been the only human being on earth he still would have died to save just me, so can’t you see the love is real, it’s personal, so up close and personal that you can hear his heartbeat, feel his breath, you know he is there, in your quiet times when you just wanna share some time with God, his love fills your space, it’s like we’re face to face and when his face turns towards you, you are blessed, blessings that will blow your mind, he came to save all mankind and that’s our task, his ask of us, why would we keep this unspeakable joy and love for ourselves, his selfless giving means we are living a life of abundance, we must shelve our selfishness in keeping this secret from our friends and neighbours and all whose lives impact on us, and their circle of friends and then some more, until this story touches all, how great is our God, he’s awesome and yeah he’s cool, his life was perfection, so perfect, faultless and because of that his death meant more than any death had done before or ever will do again, because he died there is no blame, no shame, no fear for us and if there is no longer fear, should we not be clear to those who have yet to meet him, to let them know that he will complete them and they too can live lives full of joy, they too can shed their pain and anguish at the foot of the cross on which this awesome God died for us, he doesn’t call us to die for him, no he died for us, he died for me, showing what true love really means, so reflect on his love and reflect his love, make it your mission to share this vision, this vision of perfection, hand him your weakness and in return he hands you his strength, he went to great lengths to stop us from spiralling out of control, his one desire for us to be whole once more, so open the door of your heart, consider the plight of those who are apart from his love, share the message from God above, make it your goal to share your story of the magnificence of God in all his glory.


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