Let it go…..

So went to ladies prayer group last night and we were talking about “bad girls of the Bible”.  Now my small group were looking at Eve and we got to talking about blame and shame.  I mentioned to the group leader that shame of my past was one of my biggest issues, OK we’ll pray about that was her response.

In praying for me she cited Isaiah 61, what a magnificent reminder from God. When she finished praying for me she asked what I felt and my overpowering feeling was that God wanted me to let go of my shame.  This whole experience inspired me to write the following based on this chapter.


The spirit of the supreme Lord is on me, a spirit of courage and counsel, a spirit of instruction and enlightenment, a spirit of excitement to share his word.  I am anointed, I am ceremoniously conferred divine office by the Lord, to proclaim good news to the poor, support those whose hearts are broken through their sense of guilt and rising dread of wrath, their inability to shed their fears, who are fractured, tattered and shattered by the sheer scale of it all.  I can affirm and declare freedom for those enslaved in captivity and release from darkness for those imprisoned in negativity.

Proclaim now the year of our Lord’s favour and the day of vengeance of our God.

So all who mourn will be comforted, all who grieve will be provided for, sackcloth and ashes replaced with oil of joy, a cloak of praise replacing their spirit of despair.

We are called to be oaks of righteousness, I am but an acorn first sprouting, growing daily since God planted me here, blooming, flowering and flourishing for the display of his splendour.

Shame be gone, disgrace be banished, vanished; we will rejoice in your inheritance, we will inherit a double portion of joy and blessing, no more wrestling with blame, no more hiding due to shame.

Rejoice rejoice, delight in our God, we are clothed in garments of salvation, our sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise rise up before all nations, as we are adorned in all our finery, experience God’s refining power, we are like seeds sprouting in the garden, having received God’s pardon, we will grow and grow, let it go, just let it go…


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