Trinity Sunday – who knew??


Trinity Sunday, who knew? A day specially designated for you, the Holy Trinity, the amazing three that share my life and set me free.

Trinity, what does that mean to me?  Today we celebrate not one, not two but three faces of our awesome God, who guards our paths and lead us on through this maze of life, our fears and strife he deals with lightly, our needs precisely cared for, our sins quietly and wisely dealt with, our salvation purchased entirely.

Number one, our almighty God, number two his awesome son who died that our life can go on, and number three the one who remains within our hearts and supports us through every part of our daily challenge, who lives within us, balances our minds and enables us to find eternal peace, releases us from every piece of manufactured pain with which the devil tries to gain ground, the Holy Spirit who has found a place within our lives to enable us to grow and thrive.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you that you chose to visit me, saving me from an eternity of damnation, giving me a path to salvation, praise you from the depth of my soul, that you indeed do make me whole, Father, Son and Holy Spirit thank you that by your Grace, I will inherit the Kingdom of God, no longer flawed, no longer a fraud, by your mercy I am yours.


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