Sensitivity – how important can this be?

Having opened up to some members of the church I am attending I have been blessed with warmth and support from those who have come to know me.  Even when giving my testimony in a prayer meeting to one other lady who I really didn’t know I was overwhelmed by her response.

Having first been “out” in the early 80’s I have experienced a lot of prejudice, name calling, abuse, even physical threats and these have all built up within me to form a kind of protective barrier.  I was always careful about coming out when I was actively gay, because the response was often quite shocking.

Fast forward to the 21st century and things have improved to an extent, however there is still a lot of hurtful things said and done to homosexuals.  Despite my conversion and change of lifestyle I still feel wary about revealing my past life to others.  So this week I have had what I feel to be a bit of insensitivity from someone I respect and this has made me reflect on how I deal with others.

My plea to others, please act sensitively to those around you, if they open up to you acknowledge them, support them and respect them, think about how hard it might have been for them to open up and just shower them with love regardless of your personal feelings.  God loves us all, may we mirror that love in our response to others.


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