Chain of sin

I have been watching a video on YouTube where a young man gives his testimony and take on homosexuality.  Some more very interesting thoughts not least of which was his take on answering those who say that God does not condemn homosexuality.

Lust, Pride and Idolatry are sins.  All clearly covered in the Bible so take a look at the homosexual lifestlyle and can you say that this does not involve a degree of each of these three sins?

  • Lust – speaks for itself, needs no explanation
  • Pride – in a lifestyle, in being part of a “gay community”, pride in being different
  • Idolatry – anything that takes precedence in your life over God

So taken from a totally different viewpoint, even if I was to believe that homosexuality isn’t a sin, I am still a sinner by virtue of lust, pride and idolatry.  (Praise be to God that he has saved me).

Furthermore this young man’s revelation came after much soul searching and attending church through the following verse, indeed a lightbulb moment for us all:

Matthew 10:39 (Living Bible translation)

If you cling to your life, you will lose it; but if you give it up for me, you will save it.


Anything that gets in the way of looking at God is to be condemned.  Whether lust, pride or idolatry, leading to sinful actions, a chain reaction, a fractured hope, gradually the light will dim unless we pick up our cross and follow him.

Born gay, born this way, my weakness my refusal to take control, refusal to let go of lustful thoughts, of pride in my identity, a new found entity of my youth, pride in not conforming, a pride in sinful living, misguided enjoyment of being different, declining to remove the idol of a sexual lifestyle, rejecting the message of a fertile future, a smoother path, a hope of peace and rest at last.

God and homosexuality do not blend, he died on the Cross to mend the gaping wounds and agonising pain that claims the minds of those that are still to surrender to his love, to relieve the burden of their shame, fail to call out his name to be saved.

So here’s the great, exciting news, you are not alone, Jesus has shown again and again that he will walk with us and take our pain.  He does it all for us, just bow your head and ask his forgiveness, surrender, cry out to God who has clearly proclaimed that he who loses his life for God, will find themselves once more, and he will take it all away, he does it, he paves the way, he strengthens and fortifies his children, he loves you, you are his special creation.


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