Be prepared, my choices explained part 3

OK so how does all that I have previously written on my choices relate to my testimony and how I can help others?

Here is what I have concluded, and whilst refinement is probably required I feel more able now to explain my choices and my testimony and face any challenge or questions I may receive.

  1. Having researched and read the Bible for myself I believe that it is very clear that homosexual relations are contrary to God’s teaching
  2. In so much as I believe they are contrary to God’s teaching I also believe that God forgives anyone who turns from sin and that therefore it is never too late to reconsider your lifestyle
  3. I believe that God provides us with clear choices in life, we have our own free-will, as such we can obey God, or choose to disobey. Whilst I believe our sexuality is pre-destined, I believe we have a choice as to whether we actively pursue it or not.
  4. God gives us strength of mind and has given us the Holy Spirit to help us in our lives. If we deny ourselves, he will provide every support and blessing we could ever require.

In terms of challenges from non-Christians I feel that my first response is that if they have no faith or belief then in reality they will never understand the immense love of a God who wants us to thrive. In order to thrive ALL Christians make sacrifices, (after all it is the narrow path we walk), this is not restricted to homosexuals.

My recommendation is:

  1. If you are interested in challenging the teaching of a God you don’t believe in, just take some time to study his word, be open to learning about ALL aspects of his life and teachings, don’t just focus in on one controversial aspect i.e. teachings on homosexuality, but look at the much bigger picture.
  2. Once you then start to question whether there is a God and start to challenge any previous thoughts you may have had that is the time to seek out counsel on his teachings on sexuality, it is one small part of a much bigger picture but agreed it does need to be addressed for each individual, after all it took me 35 years to get it right!
  3. Be open minded, it’s not about religion it’s about your own, very personal faith, listen to your heart and inner self, take time to consider what you find out

For those who have a Christian faith or were brought up in a Christian home and are finding they are struggling then my recommendations would be that they:

  1. Take time to hand this over to God in prayer. Talk to him about it, really speak about your hurt, anger or shame and let him help you overcome.  It takes time to off-load all the negativity and pain you may have, God has broad shoulders, hand it over to him.
  2. Take time for yourself to study his word, and make your own, informed decisions. Despite being made this way, you were also made with free will, use that free will to choose intelligently.
  3. Be careful of false teachings, there is so much out there for and against Gay Christians. Decide for yourself, seek God’s help in discerning right from wrong.  I went to church to try and prove I was right only to find that I was wrong!!!
  4. Seek help and support, if not from an individual there are other avenues such as Alpha courses.
  5. Be strong, God loves you, despite all your failings and pain, he still loves you.

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