Ask BIG – you do not have because you do not ask!

How Great is our God (not a question but a proclamation!!!!)  This was the first track playing on my iPod this morning and wow was that uplifting!  I then read my daily reading 2 Kings:4 the story of Elisha providing oil for the Widow to sell.

It got me thinking that our God is Great, he doesn’t want us to fail, be unhappy, hungry, in debt, in pain and this story really guided me that there are 3 steps I should take in asking for God’s help (actually 4 steps if you include the most obvious one of actually asking God in the first place!!)

James 4:2 ……you do not have because you do not ask God

  1. Bring what I have myself.  I need to search myself for what I have that is significant and can be offered to God, not necessarily physical things such as money but more what I can do personally, is it my writing, my ability to connect with people, opening up with my testimony to others or something more?
  2. Invite others people to help me – yes indeed!! I tried for so long to do this all on my own but as soon as I asked for help , oh my word the floodgates opened and I now feel that I just need to say a word and prayer will be poured out for me and with me.
  3. Act in Faith.  Sometimes my prayers have been half hearted,  lacking or with small amounts of faith.  Yes of course I am going to struggle unless I Believe and ask BIG!  I am working towards being  aggressive in my ask and prayers, calling on God’s great power to provide – but note to provide what is right for me and for others in his eyes, not what I think is right.


How Great is or God, how great indeed!  He provides for our every need, simply call on his name, he will not see you fail, not see you go hungry, will feed your soul.

Bring what you have, your offering, think of all the blessings he has bestowed on you, give them back to him so that he may use them for good, turn your blessings into praise, acknowledge him in all your ways.

Invite others to help, don’t go it alone, ask for support make your worries known to those who surround you with Christian love and together talk to our Father above.

Act in faith, have belief, you do not have because you do not ask, ask BIG your God will provide, prayerfully consider what you require, not what you desire but what you really need and as you cry out to God, remember he has made you strong.

He provides our needs, rights our wrongs, feeds and clothes us, watches over us, hears our prayers, shares our feeling, but ultimately provides our healing.


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