Single on Sunday

When I go to church my partner stays at home.  I am noticing now more and more that I am not alone in this.

It’s tough.  Tough when you come home fired up but your partner just doesn’t get it.  Tough when you have the opportunity to go to a range of meetings but feel that you have to balance your personal commitments with your church commitments.  And sometimes it’s just tough being at church without them, being single on Sunday.


Single on Sunday, that’s what I am, the rest of the week I’m part of a pair, but on Sunday I’m single my partner’s not there.

My partner is happy to muddle on through, don’t need religion or preaching from you, don’t need church or none of those people. I’m happy for you, but it’s not for me, preaching and singing and then drinking tea

Single on Sunday brings issues and sorrow, should I act differently today to tomorrow, if I lose my temper or do something mean, have I blown my chance to help them see, that God lives in me and I want to share, and more than anything I want them there

There, not just sitting beside me on the pew, but worshipping God the way that I do

Single on Sunday, not technically true, single on Sunday and any church “do”.

Help me Oh Lord to step up to the plate and continue to witness in my own way, to praise you and thank you for the opportunity to pray, to pray for the one who shares my day to day, that they too may come to know your way

Single on Sunday, not forever, by the grace of God, who answers our prayer, let us pray that as couples we’ll walk through that door and serve God our Father together, single on Sunday no more


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