I am fearfully and wonderfully made

Earlier this week our prayer group leader sent us a link to a video of Lisa Bevere, “Lioness Arising”.  I watched this twice and was so inspired by her and her message and ached for my calling.

Today a Christian friend who knows of my recent conversion was asking me how I was getting on and we had a fantastic chat about all sorts, her passion and her knowledge again inspiring me.  She made a comment that God was already sowing the seed in my mind for my calling and that my testimony could be used for his work.

To that end I have written this poem, inspired by both these great Christian women, this is what I am working towards, this is what I will be.

God help me to grow in strength and knowledge so that I can fulfil your will.


I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Yes I am fearfully and wonderfully made, a hand-picked warrior of God, a lioness ready to rise up and ROAR in response to the roar of the Alpha and the Omega, the first and last.

My roar declares my presence and my readiness, I am awake, I am present, I am hungry for justice, to fight injustice, discrimination, persecution and evil.

I swear my allegiance to my God on high, I am here, I declare your power, love the Lord my God with passion, prayer and intelligence, never relenting from your ask, never failing in your task.

Important to understand my capability, not to be distracted and absorbed by everyday life, be present in the moment, here for signs and wonders, not accepting of death and destruction, remembering your resurrection, a declaration of power.

I was saved for freedom, God bring your fierce revelation to me and through me, make me so untamed that my fight cannot be contained, spill into every part of my life,  make me a light in the darkness of this world.

May my eyes truly see, my ears truly hear and my mouth speak solely the truth, anoint me to be fired up from within, never timid, always prepared, ever ready to share your word in thought and actions every day, praise God I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


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