Prepare to Worship

Are we always in the right place when we come to worship God?  I know that last Sunday I was a bit all over the place and that somehow detracted from what I could give back to God.  However I also believe that worship is not just about Sundays and am sure that if we continually express our reverence and adoration for God that this in itself helps prepare us for our daily walk and our Sunday worship.

This poem is about Sunday worship.


As we come to worship, let us reflect on what we are doing, not merely singing and throwing our hands in the air, for although this may be an act of worship to us, unless our hearts are there, there with God, the act is more for us and our sisters and brothers, not for our God who truly loves us.

Let God inspect your heart, what does he see?  Does he see a heart that belongs to him, that yearns to sing his praise, to fill the days with endless rejoicing, that longs to give God the glory, through every part of our weekly journey, not just at Church on Sunday, but daily as we live our lives, he longs to be by our side, honoured, praised and glorified.

Let all creation rejoice before the Lord, as we prepare to hear his word, do our minds express our reverence and adoration, flowing from our recognition of the reality that God loved us first, yes God loved us first, to him be the glory.

As we come to worship, magnify our awareness of your total forgiveness for our sins, the unconditional love you give, that through your death on the cross we live, and as part of our gratitude, we will examine our attitude to our worship for you, not just today but in all that we do.

Transform us now as we prepare to worship, pour out your Spirit in this place and as we worship may we see your face, commune with us today we pray, guide us in our time of praise, may we serve you with hearts full of reverence, extravagance and extreme submission, may we understand your vision for this church and all who serve within it, let’s take a minute to prepare, to listen and to know you’re here.


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