Misdirected Anger

I’ve had a tough couple of days, under attack and have felt challenged in my decisions.  However I know that God loves me, died for me and through his act of great sacrifice on the cross I am saved.

So is it  right to get angry with God?  I guess not and for my ranting and anger God I am sorry, but I hope that by getting this off my chest I can move forward more confidently and blessed with God’s great love.


Lord forgive me, but today I woke up angry and felt despair, I called out throughout the day, oh God speak to me, help me overcome the rage I feel inside my head.

I need to speak about the pain and madness that I’m harbouring, imploring you to answer my prayer, please let me know that you are there and that by sharing my angst I will be healed.

Why am I angry?  Oh Lord you know my every thought, you know I have regrets, I query why you let me be this way, why oh why was I made gay?

I praise you that you have revealed the true path to me, set me free, released me.  Please now work with me to stop my anger and my pain, rid me of all temptations, remind me constantly of my salvation in you.

I am sorry that I directed my anger at you, your love for me is so true and real, I have no right to fight against your great plans, no right to rant and rave, if not for you I would not be saved.

Thank you for being my constant, for loving me despite my anger and my ranting, for granting me a place in your kingdom, for giving me absolute freedom.


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