This is living…

I feel truly grateful that I live in a country where I can be a Christian openly, I have found a church with people who care and can support me through my journey, I can post my thoughts on this blog, read other posts or literature and learn and grow.

This is reflected in this poem.  I know that temptation will be put in my path and I need God’s help to handle that.  I have support and access to tools to help me, how much harder though for those who are unable to be open about their faith because of persecution?


Lord, I come to you today to say that I trust and obey you in every way, follow the path you lead me on, give my life freely to serve, never to swerve from my calling, never again to feel that I am falling or failing you in my actions, giving you the glory, telling others the story of your incredible selfless giving, through your living here on earth that all can have a second birth.

Lord I ask for your guidance and wisdom, thank you for my freedom to act for your kingdom.  I pray for those who are unable to openly follow you for fear of reprisal, whose only hope of survival is to serve you in secret, secluded, alone and scared of the treatment they will receive if indeed their faith is revealed to evil dictators.  Give them renewed strength and belief in you their creator, protect them from evil oh God our Saviour.

Lord I praise you for our hope in you, knowing that in all we do we have a God who’s fair and true.  We want to worship and praise you daily for your unending mercy, your brilliant glory.  You have saved us from destruction, through your resurrection we are guaranteed a remodelling of our lives, we thrive under your instruction and we are forgiven.

This is living, this is love, praise you Father, what you have done is beyond our comprehension, love of another dimension, unfailing love, divine connection, the face of compassion spanning earth and heaven.


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