Ascension Day

On starting my online bible study this morning I was prompted that today is Ascension day.  I kind of knew what that meant but wanted to look more into it and have spent some time looking and thinking about this.  Here is the result of my thoughts:


The time had come for you to leave, to pass the mantle to your team,the disciples who had remained true, whom you taught and loved, to whom you revealed your resurrection and guided in the right direction, your holy selection of human imperfection, prepared to pick up their cross and follow you.

You ascended back to heaven, to your rightful home above.  Returning to your Father’s glory, re-joined the heavenly royalty, no one better placed to understand our human frailty, to intercede for us and send your Spirit to your servants, to help them teach the urgent and most awesome message of forgiveness, love and riches stored in heaven above for those who gladly call you God and serve you with unashamed love.


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