Old to New

Another poem written which kind of covers again the worry I had about my testimony which I have since addressed (this poem was written before my previously posted testimony poem).  I know now that I can use my past as my witness and am blessed to be able to address how I will share my new found faith with those I love and care for, friends and family alike.

Just to say since writing this only a few weeks ago, God has already blessed me with a number of new Christian friends, my facebook contacts are rapidly growing!!!


My transition from old to new, from condemnation to salvation, my heart sings out in praise, I raise my hands to the sky, sing worship to my God on high.

Transition is a difficult phase, in truth, my challenge now, to raise awareness of my choice, use my voice, turn my past into my witness, be ambitious not inhibited, ready to share the message of forgiveness with family, friends and acquaintance.

So how to tackle the issue of coming out (once more), not a sexuality confession this time, but an expression of a changed obsession, my progression from darkness to light to possessing love and forgiveness and a certain promise of resurrection and eternal life in heaven.

Help me today God to follow your path, listen to your guidance in order to silence my internal fears of rejection from old and new.  May I learn to fit into my new life, feel comfortable that by your grace I am saved and may my spiritual journey be paved with new Christian friends to raise me up along the way.

Lord help me witness to those I know from my past.  Give me an inner strength, fill me with your Holy Spirit, make me fearless, untouched by any careless comments and unafraid of silence. May I recognise this is where you have called me to serve.  Help me not to swerve, or duck out of your calling, no more stalling or falling down for fear of earthly rejection.  Give me opportunities for connection, to give my friends direction that you may gain ground, make connections and may my testimony help others gain redemption.


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