I know that there is a lot of work to do in me, I am at the beginning of my journey, yet I long to know how I can serve, what God’s purpose for me is.  I know he needs to prepare me but sometimes I am a little impatient and that may be reflected in this poem I wrote a few weeks ago….


Reveal your path for me oh Lord.  I long to know how I should serve, what you have reserved for me to bring the glory back to you, to make an imprint on this land, to do the work you planned, to expand the horizons of my circle, have a universal impact and interact with Godly purpose.

Reveal your path to me oh Lord.  May I listen closely to your guidance, become compliant to your wishes, make me worthy of your calling, install a sense of obedience in me just as you have set me free, like a young bird in first flight, may I spread my wings and gain full height and maturity in my service to thee.


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