My first challenge – do you know who you are?

I had started going to church but had still not asked God’s forgiveness and turned from my sins.  Talking to a member of the church (who is now becoming a good and strong friend for me) I was challenged to really consider my future, here’s what I wrote


Do you know who you are, yes you over there, the one who persisted and chose to stare, stare right into my eyes and see my pain, and help put me back together again.  The unsung hero, the quiet one, who God chose to challenge me, draw me aside, to make me confront what was happening inside.

So, do you know who you are? The role has no name, but every church needs one of you all the same, you are God’s helper, you speak to the soul, you care and encourage, you probe and discover the ways to uplift and cherish your sister.


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